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Appropriate Riding Attire for Lessons

*Anything recommended below is something we have used for our riders for many years. If you choose something else you run the risk of getting the wrong thing! When in doubt, just text your instructor and ask!*

  • Boot Cut Jods come over the top of the boot and protect the legs.  Leggings or jeans are fine for your first couple of lessons, but after that we ask you invest in the proper pants for our discipline. 

Link to the ones we recommend!

  • Riding Boots. Smooth sole riding boots with a light tread are best for keeping your foot in the stirrup without getting stuck. 

Kids Boots on Amazon!

  • Weather appropriate top. (No crop tops or camis please!)

  • Riding Gloves

Basic schooling gloves for lessons

  • Riding Helmet (a bike helmet is okay for your first lesson, but after that we ask you purchase a helmet specifically designed for horse back riding.)

Best Beginner Helmet

Best Long Lasting Helmet

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