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Riding Program and Academy

Excellence. Confidence. Compassion. 

At Mill-Again Stables we strive to create riders who become life long horse lovers. Our goal is to instill confidence and compassion in all our riders as we teach them core fundamentals that will prepare them for a successful riding career.  We encourage the riders in our program to set goals to participate in both tournaments and shows to help them benchmark their progress and celebrate their achievements.  Our riders commit to weekly lessons as well as learning to helping around the barn to make sure they are doing their part to ensure the barn stays a fun and clean environment for everyone! 

Weekly Lessons

We offer 1x week, 2x week, private and group lessons.


1 lesson (al la carte) - $125

Private lesson 1x week - $500/month

Group Lesson 1x week - $275/month


Tournaments are a great way for riders to set goals and gauge their progress from their weekly lessons. 

Mill-Again Stables encourages all our riders to participate. 


Showing in Academy is a great way to get show ring experience before getting your own horse!   Academy is included at all Texas Shows.  Hitting the show ring for the first time is memorable experience for every rider!

Here's what we've been working on

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