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Find Your Passion, Find your Home

For one to fly, one only needs ot take the reins."

Mill-Again Stables

Mill-Again Stables is the premier destination for all things American Saddlebred. Owned and operated by Ashley Walker and Candee Carlson, we are located in Plano TX just off East Parker Road.  We are an equestrian oasis in the heart of Dallas.


Mill-Again Stables offers full service training, horseback riding instruction, breeding and more to the Saddlebred industry. Our passion is producing quality show horses, dedicated riders, and promoting the future of the equine industry.  

From the tiniest rider getting on a horse for the first time all the way to competing at world and national levels, we have a place for each person that walks through our doors. 

We are excited to share our passion and dedication to these incredible animals with you. 

Our Clients Say

"Ever since I was a child, I was always fascinated by horses and wanted to learn to ride but never had the chance. At the age of 38, I have decided to follow my dream and was very lucky to have found Mill-Again Stables. Since then, I have been with Mill-Again Stable for over 13 years. With the help of my trainers, I learned how to ride, how to care for horses, how to show my horses competitively and how to love these magnificent animals. To me, Mill-Again is not just a stable or a riding academy, it is my family. It is a place happiness, love and caring is found. "

Cathy Li, Horse Owner & Show Client

Learn More about our
Riding Progam

Lessons start at young as 4yrs old and we teach those who are pursuing their passion later in life! Regardless of when you start, we have the team to help you reach your goals. 

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